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Price List

Price (ex GST)
SPECIAL PRICE Underwater Welding Stinger (also suitable for Swordfish cutting rods)   $349.99
Underwater Welding Stinger spare parts Part #
Head (without plug) UW5001 $65.00
Wear plug (bag of two) UW5002 $68.00
Main body UW5003 $99.00
Securing pin (bag of two) UW5003A $42.00
Cable retainer UW5004 $32.00
Cable connector UW5005 $90.00

Stinger Welding Electrode Holder

Stinger Electrode Holder

Our new 'Stinger' is the one and only electrode holder you will ever need. Its unique design allows for complete dismantling and replacement of all parts, on site, without the need for any special tools or training. The holder can also be adjusted for wear through it's patented design, which allows the main collet body to be turned.

Each full revolution moves the body up 1.0mm allowing for over 10mm of adjustment to be made. It has an overall length of 200mm (8"), a diameter of 40mm (11/2"). It's light (under 400g) and easy to use with a simple twist mechanism to tighten and release electrodes.

It's manufactured from a tough, hardwearing, insulating material that is virtually indestructible and provides the maximum protection for the diver. The holder can also be used safely above water, for tacking operations, or low amperage use.

The design allows for electrodes ranging from 2.5mm to 5.0mm to be used, and is available with or without a whip lead. All parts are also available separately, making it the only stinger you'll ever need.

Download the Stinger brochure here (PDF)

Download a parts list here (PDF)

Video1 (WMV): See all the component parts of the welding stinger

Video 2 (WMV)See how adjustment for wear and tear is made


Stinger Brochure
Stinger Parts List

PVL Gas Cutting Torch

PVL Cutting Torch

Speciality Welds are pleased to offer the 'PVL' gas cutting torch as an alternative cutting product. This torch provides you with a totally different view of underwater cutting. Instead of the need for cutting electrodes or lances, it uses propylene gas (C3H6). The manufactures claim this cutting method offers up to six times faster cutting speeds, with the corresponding reduction in operational costs. The torch has a unique underwater lighter, which allows you to ignite the torch while underwater.

The torch is available with a 90° or 55° cutting head.

The cutting torch is available as the torch only, or in two kit forms:

Kit 1:

  • 1 cutting torch
  • 1 ignition device
  • 1 torch wrench
  • 1 key wrench
  • 1 transportation case

Kit 2:

As above, but also including:

  • 2 oxygen reduction valves
  • 1 propylene reduction valve
  • 2 oxygen hoses (2 x 50M @ 9.0mm dia)
  • 1 propylene hose (1 x 50M @ 9.0mm dia)
  • 1 transportation case

See the PVL Cutting Torch Video (opens in new window)


PVL torch brochure
Independent survey

Image of PVL torch case

Other Cutting Torches

Image of Sea TorchWe recommend either the BR-22, or Sea-torch cutting torches. Both torches are designed for maximum diver comfort and fully insulated for safe underwater cutting operations using our Scorpion Blue exothermic cutting lances.

Image of Broco torch